Book Name: Gone with the Vindaloo

By : Vikram Nair

Pages :256

Rating :

ISBN :9789350095898

Book Synopsis
'Vikram Nair's novel is a lunatic romp that begins as a colonical adventure and ends with the conquest of the West by Indian dast food. Like a runaway food processor, ir rounds up pink colonical sahibs, ambitious wogs, pedigreed bawarchis, gross desi public school boys, a Russian herione called Svetlana, godmen and Woodstock, and purees them into a lavatorial epic. If you want to read funny foodie fiction that takes the pleasures of the flesh seriously, this is your novel.'-Mukul Kesavan 'Kalam, once a kathua, by caste a spinner of yarn, discovers quite by accident that he has a gift for concocting the most delicious recipes - a gift that he passes on through very careful training to his son Kamal. But the vindaloo that Kamal perfects, that his employer - the very Angrez-loving bureaucrat - blesses him for creating each time he tastes it is very much Kamal's own creation. Yet, neither Kamal nor Pakwaan, his son (who is slapped into learning the intricacies of cooking the dish, know where this magical recipe will take them. The promised land of possibilities across the seas, the great US-of-A, awaits in all its seductive glory - but will the shrink-wrapped, cold-storaged Vinthelieux, the Frenchified vindaloo palatable to white consumers of all things exotic, be the end of Pakwaan's sweet dreams of success and more...? A rollicking ride through a century's worth of history, Gone with the Vindaloo follows the lives, times and exploits of three generations in a family of cooks. Delightfully subversive and consistently irreverent, this many-layered debut serves up imperialism, consumerism and packaged food in a whole new light.

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