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The mammoth book of best war comics
Author : David Kendall
A unique, comprehensive collection of gripping stories set in twentieth century battlegrounds selected from classic magazines such as Blazing Combat and Commando....
The mammoth book of historical whodunnits
Author : Michael Ashley
Selected by best-selling editor Mike Ashley, these stories include brand new contributions as well as rare reprints, from writers such as Ian Rankin, Lynda Robinson, Sharan Newman, Gail Frazer, Gillian Linscott, and Peter Tremayne. Featuring such towering historical figures as the Queen of Sheba, At...
The mammoth book of sorcerers' tales
Author : Michael Ashley
Sorcery is all around us. From a child’s struggles to control magical powers for the first time, to the epic clashes of forces of good and evil on a titanic scale, here are more than twenty of the finest in contemporary and classic wizardry tales. Ranging from Michael Moorcock’s "Master of Chaos...
The Mammoth Book of Humor
Author : Geoff Tibballs
More than 10,000 stories and jokes, limericks and one-liners, put-downs and puns in the ultimate, most comprehensive compendium of humor ever compiled. From boners and groaners to classic shaggy-dog stories and jokes for roasts and toasts, virtually every form of verbal humor on a whole raft of topi...
The Mammoth book of legal thrillers
An anthology of courtroom dramas starting with classic cases by the likes of Erle Stanley Gardner, Mark Leyner, Graham Greene and Irwin Shaw and coming bang up to date with short stories from John Grisham and Scott Turrow....
The mammoth book of Roman whodunnits : mystery and murder in Ancient Rome
Author : Michael Ashley
Mystery and murder from the greatest civilisation in history. The greatest characters from the Roman era march through these pages: Hannibal, Scipio Africanus, Spartacus, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Nero, Vespasian, Cleopatra, Pliny the Younger...So from the famed Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome, here ...
The mammoth book of Jacobean whodunnits
Author : Michael Ashley
The seventeenth century was a time ripe with murder, anarchy, war, and political and religious intrigue, of which the Gunpowder Plot is only one example. This unputdownable new anthology from Mike Ashley presents 25 whodunits set in those turbulent times-also the age of the Witchfinder General, 'eve...
The mammoth book of short spy novels
Author : Bill Pronzini
Spanning more than 75 years of espionage writing in USA and the UK, here are gripping tales by classic writers in the field including W. Somerset Maugham, Ian Fleming, Leslie Charteris, and Erle Stanley Gardner. They are presented complete and unabridged. Among the now legendary fictional secret age...
The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Stories
Author : Jules Verne
A hundred years after the death of Jules Verne, the founding father of science fiction, The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures celebrates his amazing vision. A host of top science fiction authors pay homage to Verne's genius with a series of breathtaking stories using as a springboard his ic...
The mammoth book of science fiction
Author : Mike Ashley
The art of writing great science fiction is that it challenges the imagination, pushing it to extreme limits and in this anthology, selecting some of the best modern science fiction from the last fifty years, twenty leading authors of the genre ask the question 'What if...?' and then give their own ...
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