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Revolting Stories For Nine Year Olds
Author : Helen Paiba
This is a rich collection of rancidly revolting stories by some of the most acclaimed and best-selling writers for young people, perfect for dipping into time and time again. This book contains stories including: "The Curse of the Lingering Stink"; "Tourists for Tea"; "The Repulsive Revenge of the H...
Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine
Author : Barbara Park
It's a mushy gushy mystery!

Hurray! February 14 -- Valentime's Day, Junie B. calls it -- is just around the corner. Junie B. can't wait to see all the valentimes she'll get. But she never expected a big, mushy card from a secret admirer! Who is this secret mystery guy, anyway? Junie B. is det...
Penguin Book of Indian Ghost Stories
Author : Ruskin Bond
Penguin Book Of Indian Ghost Stories........Have you ever experienced

the supernatural. Ever seen a ghost? Ruskin Bond has, in this excellent
collection of spine chilling tales of the supernatural. ‘The Meerutgraveyard,
Anath Babu’s terror, ghost of Korya Khar, The Mark of the Beast...
Adventures of Milly Molly Mandy
Milly-Molly-Mandy lives in a tiny village in the heart of the countryside. She is always busy doing things, and whether she is earning money to give a party, minding the village shop, having a picnic or going sledging, you're sure to have fun when Milly-Molly-Mandy's around! Here all the Milly-Molly...
My Uncle Oswald
Author : Roald Dahl
Uncle Oswald, the great rogue and fornicator, has discovered the world's most powerful aphrodisiac and a method of quick-freezing sperm. So with the help of the gorgeous Yasmin Howcomely, he sets out to preserve 51 living geniuses and crowned heads, from James Joyce to King Albert and Henry Ford.Par...
Smashing Saxons
Author : Terry Deary
"The Smashing Saxons" tells the terrible truth about the pillaging people who bashed the Brits but got nobbled by the Normans, including who got cow pats as Christmas presents or why wearing a pig on your head was lucky. Read on for foul facts on disgusting diseases and ghastly graves....
Just visiting
Author : Laura Dower
The Fourth of July is coming, and summer is really heating up. Madison is going to Gramma Helen's house on the lake in Illinois. Fireworks and fireflies and barbecue and... maybe even a surprise first kiss?...
Wind in the Willows
No sight makes a man tremble more than seeing Mr Toad behind the wheel of a car! On a fine summer day, Mole is busy spring cleaning his home. When he decides he's had enough of cleaning, Mole ventures towards a place he has never seen before - the river. Whilst there he meets Ratty, and the two of t...
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