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About BookMeABook

BookMeABook is an online book rental service that provides free door-to-door delivery and pickup for your reading comfort. You can become a member and then choose from over 20,000 titles to read. Books are delivered to you and you can read at your own pace - without having to worry about library fines or renewal hassles. Our driving philosophy is Simplicity in reading. Worry only about which books you want to read! The name 'BookMeABook' comes from line of a song in Fiddler on the Roof, "Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find! ". We have 3 diverse plans to suit the varied tastes and the reading styles of people. You choose from these simple plans, and simply - Rediscover Reading!

About Ram Gopal Sharma and Son

BookMeABook brings to you online access to what we have been doing for over 50 years - the pleasure of getting to read books.

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BookMeABook is brought to you by Ram Gopal Sharma and Son, probably the oldest circulating library in India. Ram Gopal Sharma and Son was established more than 50 years back with the vision of providing not just a book shop, but through its circulating section, easy reading for those book lovers who wanted to borrow rather than buy.
Book lovers want to try out different authors, genres & type of books. That is what the book shop provided - simplicity and choice.
Since then it has been a favorite one-stop shop for book-lovers across the city. Having catered to at least three generations of Delhi's book reading public from its premises at 44, Shankar Market, the shop now enters the new phase of providing easy book reading to all of Delhi. We now provide a new service for customers. Just sign on, choose any of our simple plans, and enjoy reading a range of books on a variety of subjects delivered to your home. Just log on to put in requests for delivery or collection, after having browsed our catalogue from the comfort of your home/work space, and see how effortless getting your books becomes.