Frequently asked questions
1. What is BookMeABook ?
Ans: BookMeaBook is an online book rental service that provides free door-to-door delivery and pickup for your reading comfort. You can become a member and then choose from over 20,000 titles to read. Books are delivered to you and you can read at your own pace - without having to worry about library fines or renewal hassles. Our driving philosophy is Simplicity in reading. Worry only about which books you want to read!
2. How many books does BookMeABook have?
Ans: We have more than 20,000 titles & we keep adding titles as and when they are released. Our books range from Murder Mysteries to Inspirational , so take your pick ... If you feel there is a title that we do not have - please let us know & we will procure it for our library. You will be the first reader to get that book to read!
3. Why BookMeABook.com?
Ans: Why not? We've been in this business for over 50 years now - and always attempted to satiate Delhi's thirst for reading pleasure. With BookMeABook we take our library directly to your home with a wide selection of original print books.
4. How many copies of each book do you keep?
Ans: We have multiple copies of most of our books in our library. Based on customer demand, we keep increasing titles as well.
5. How do I become a member?
Ans: You can take a look at our subscription plan and choose your reading style. Each plan gives you benefits of reading the latest bestsellers as well classics without worrying about costs.
6. How long can I keep the book?
Ans: Take your time in reading our books - we understand not everyone is a super reader. Build up the scenes, characters & plot to live the book! You can keep the book as long as you want , but the next set won't be shipped to you till you return your previous set. There are no late fees, fines or any hidden charges.
7. How do I know if I have read a book?
Ans: We have provided a "Reading history" to help our members look at what they have read. You can always re-read your favorite books.
8. What if I lose a book?
Ans: Please inform us at librarian@bookmeabook.com . We will have to charge the value of the book.
9. Can I cancel my membership?
Ans: We'd hate to see you go. You can cancel your membership anytime you want. You'll have to return the books you currently hold and your security deposit will be subsequently refunded to you.
10. Can I rejoin?
Ans: You needn't ask! We would love to have you back.
Subscription Plans
1. What are the different plans
Ans: We have two easy plans to choose from depending on your reading style. Each plan gives you free home delivery & pickup - and unlimited days to keep the book.

Regular Reader - This plan gives you the comfort of getting 6 books to read in a month (3-at-a-time).

Super Reader - Love reading books? Six books a month is not enough? The Super Reader plan gives you unlimited books to read per month.

Casual Reader - This plan suits those who read light! We send you 2 books a month for 6 months.

What are you waiting for? Join BookMeABook now!
1. When do I get billed?
Ans: The billing cycle is monthly , you will need to make payments monthly as per your subscription plan.
2. I joined on last day (or week) of a month, do I need to pay per calendar month?
Ans:No, we calculate 30 calendar days for the billing cycle. So if you join on 21nd March, your next billing date would be 20th April.
3. Do I signup only on first day of month?
Ans: No, you can sign up on any day!
4. Do I need a credit card to pay?
Ans: We have convenient payment options for our customers. Except for cash, we accept the following
-    Credit card
-    Debit Card
-    Personal cheque in favour of "Ram Gopal Sharma & Son" - payable at New Delhi
5. Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Ans: Yes, we use secure internet technologies for handling credit card, debit card & internet banking account transactions. We DO NOT store your credit card debit card or baking account information. The transaction is directly handled by the bank's payment gateway.
6. Can I upgrade my plan?
Ans: Yes, you can upgrade your plan. From the next billing cycle, you will be billed as per the plan you have chosen.
7. Will there be a fine if I pay my monthly charge late?
Ans:No, there will be no fine , but we will be unable to ship your next set of books till the dues are settled.
1. Where do you deliver?
Ans: We deliver anywhere in Delhi - NCR : New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad
2. Which books are sent to me when I ask for a delivery?
Ans: We will send your preferred books that you maintain in your "BookQ"
3. How long does it take to get a book delivered?
Ans: We will be delivering or picking up the books within 24 hours.
4. My books haven't arrived , what do I do?
Ans: Please call +91 9717743902 to confirm.
5. I received a damaged book , what do I do?
Ans:Please inform +91 9717743902 immediately. We will replace the book.
6. How often do you ship a book?
Ans:We have delivery & pickups everyday , except Sunday.
1. How do I return a book?
Ans: In your personal page , you have the option of scheduling a Pickup/Delivery. Just click & and we will get the books picked up. We will send the next available books from your BookQ.
2. I lost the BookMeABook envelope - what do I do?
Ans: You can use any envelope that you may have to return our books.
Please ensure that the return address is:

44 Shankar Market,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi -110001
Book Queue & Shelf
1. What is my Bookshelf?
Ans: We've provided a virtual bookshelf option for you to save and categorize your favorite books that you might want to read sometime later and put them in your Book-queue(BookQ). The Bookshelf also helps you organize our books.
Examples of bookshelves:
-   My Favorites  [You can put your favorite books in here]
-   Kids' choice   [You can put books that you want your children to read]
-   Night Read      [You can put your favorite horror books here!]
2. What is my BookQ?
Ans:The bookQ(Book-queue) is like your books-for-delivery list. You can add whatever books you would like to read to this Queue. You can move your books up and down (by dragging the book) the queue depending on your choice.
3. How many Books should I have in the BookQ?
Ans: Our recommendation is to have at least 10 books in your BookQ. Books are delivered to our customers based on the priority in their Queue and the availability of the book. To avoid a situation where you have too few books in your queue , and all of them are out with other customers, we recommend a minimum of 10 books in the BookQ..
4. Why do I receive the last book in my queue during delivery?
Ans: We strive to send you your top priority book first. But due to situations where all your top priority books are on circulation - we will have to send you the books that are lower down in your BookQ order!
1. I can't find a book in your catalog - will you get it for me?
Ans: Of-course! We love books , and would love to add to our collection.
Just go to http://www.bookmeabook.com/refer.html and refer the book you want us to get. We will get the book , and you will be the first reader to get the book!